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Fitness Rush Classes & Group Sessions

Joint Training

Why not share your new-found fitness with a friend or loved one with personalised joint training sessions?

Having a partner with you can significantly increase your chances of surpassing your fitness goals. By challenging and encouraging each other to strive for success, you will be pushed harder to achieve your fitness goals in no time. It is human nature to want to win so whether you are trying to do more reps or just impress them, working out together will certainly help you want better results.

As we reach each goal, we create new ones, so whether you lift a slightly heavier weight than usual or run a little faster than before, working out with your partner gives you plenty of opportunities to always want to do better. This will definitely help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Energy Rush – HIIT Training

Make a great start to your day and feel accomplished with energy rush’s HIIT training class. Whether you’re looking to tone up, burn fat or just become fitter, we guarantee you will do it with a smile on your face. Come and mix with likeminded people in an intense but fun atmosphere and get your workout done before your everyday life begins. Raise your heart rate with short bursts of intense exercise followed by short rest periods, lower your body-fat with the after effects of increased metabolism and maintain your happy self with the results.  These short intervals of exertion raises metabolism and creates an oxygen deficit, which forces your body to use more calories – this is the after-burn effect. The time is now, let’s begin…

Rushing Water – Relaxing Pilates

Peace and serenity is the setting for our rushing water pilates class. Relax and unwind to peaceful music while our professional trainer takes you through a routine of beneficial poses to help both stretch and strengthen your muscles. By putting emphasis on postural alignment and breathing, we know this class with have you walking taller and feeling more toned in no time. With the main benefits aiming towards a stronger core and increased flexibility, this class is ideal for a wide range of individuals, including the young at heart who need some extra movement or elite athletes who are looking for an increase in muscle strength and all-round functionality. Book now and let the relaxation begin…

Feel the Rush – 30-minute fat burner

With the time restrictions and busy lifestyles we all lead these days, our 30 minute fat burn class is ideal for those limited on time but want to maximise their results. Let our well-qualified trainers take you through 10 carefully planned exercises to work your whole body and raise that metabolism to take through the day with you. This will provide fat burning for hours after the class and help define those all-important show muscles. Look out beaches of the world, here comes the latest recruits of feel the rush…

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