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Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled

Be aware of camera trickery when trying to match your social media fitness heroes!

Social media seems to full of smoke, mirrors, angles and lighting these days.


There is only 4 seconds between the 2 attached photos but online marketing would make you believe there's months of supplement taking involved.

Not to say that every Instagram or mainstream fitness professional is lying to you when it comes to their natural / self made bodies but after all, it is in their best interests to look better than you. For the main reason of product sales. If you had to do anything it took to stay ahead of the game and keep the £££'s rolling in, would you? They would! And that's why they have a tonne of followers and contracts with the biggest supplement companies. Do you think its an accident they are constantly promoting products and have discount codes for numerous brands?

The picture above shows my take on the simplicity of tricking the eye, by no more than breathing out.

There are no filters, no special lighting, just a change in posture. The difference is, I'm not crediting supplements for the change. To reach and maintain the body shape on the right takes time, hard work and patience.

Did I take supplements, Yes! But nothing you wouldn't find in the everyday foods you consume. The body simply needs more as the body is using more through increased physical activity. So next time you compare yourself to your social media idol, just remember, they are probably taking enhancements which you would never use and if they didn't, you would be on a level par.


Take a look above. Great results are achievable, they might just take a little longer!