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Find your positive

Find your positive

Always look on the bright side of life

Have you ever heard the saying "negative thinking attracts negative results"?

Do you find yourself moaning about everyday life with everyone you meet, and they moan right back? Well, that’s negative thoughts feeding negativity.

There's only one way to break this cycle, and that's to start focusing on the positives in life.

So instead of worrying what the person in the car behind you is doing, start thinking about the one in front.

If you spend too much energy on how close the car is behind you, you're more likely to crash into the car in front, and I can guarantee there will only be one person to blame. Then the negativity will grow for hate towards the car who was tailgating you, the in front for stopping sharply and the frustration that you now have to pay for the damages.

This vicious circle can always be avoided by concentrating on the positive things around you, as sometimes they're right under your nose but easily missed.

Who knows why we still find the need to moan sitting in our warm cosy houses, driving around in safe cars and surrounded by loved ones but we still find the need.

Check this out towards staying positive;

So how do we keep up the positive vibes during our everyday lives?

We need to interact with uplifting people and limit the naysayers.

Here are the positives vs negative outcomes;

Negative + Negative = Negative
Positive + Negative = Negative
Negative + Positive = Negative
Positive + Positive = Positive

So by interacting with positive people, we can keep that all important smile on our face and create a more positive environment for everyone around us.