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How do you train yours?

How do you train yours?

Getting the most out of your training week!

Why I choose to train against the grain!

If you have taken an interest into the wonderful world of fitness, you would've heard the common phrases, chest & triceps and back & biceps, which refers to training certain muscle groups together. You've seen the biggest bodybuilders in the gym using this method so why do anything different, it obviously works.

Yes, of course it will work but there is always more than one way to do something.

My take on it is a little different.

If we think about the secondary muscles which are being recruited through exercises involving our larger muscle groups, we will fiind that nearly all upper body pushing movements will be using our chests, shoulders and triceps. Alternatively, pulling movements involve our backs, biceps and traps.

So why would we want to target them all in one training session and only train them once a week if they will be repaired within 72 hours, ready to be trained again?

I choose to target opposing muscle groups, so can in fact train each muscle group at least twice in a week. If we look at my training split, we can see how this works.


Monday: Chest (Triceps) and Biceps
Tuesday: Legs (Back and Traps) - compound
Wednesday: Shoulders (Chest & Triceps)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Back (Legs & Biceps) and Triceps (Chest)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Legs (Back) - isolation

As you can see, each muscle group is used at least twice per week. If we compare this to a standard training programme, you can see the difference.

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Legs (Back and Traps)
Wednesday: Shoulders (Chest & Triceps)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Back and Biceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

There is nothing wrong with this split at all and it does work very well but it has to work for you. If you're looking for lean muscle growth, try training your muscles more frequently and if there is ample rest in between for your muscles to grow, you should see some great results.

Always fit your training around your goals and not because it looks good.