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Killing two birds with one set of headphones

Killing two birds with one set of headphones

An independent review of the most adaptable headphones on the market!

Kill two digital birds with one electronic stone! 


With the ever evolving digital world and need for manufacturers to keep up, the fitness industry is no exception. Granted, most of the products are gimmicks and have no intention of enhancing the users' exercise experience but there are the odd occasions where a product is developed to change the game.

Being a fitness professional and fan of gimmicks, I found it fitting to share my experiences with a product which has enhanced my training sessions and helped me stay on track at the same time.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is important to show recognition for products which have been well designed and can be an advantage to others.

The product in question, are the

"Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones".


Not only do they produce a great sound, even up to 10 metres away via Bluetooth but they actually monitor your heart rate too.

Your heart rate is tracked in the easy to use application, which also calculates calories burned, interval training, HR zone training, exercise time, distance and speed, all neatly displayed on the easy to read graphs.

If your training is at a level where tracking heart rate zones (mainly fat loss goals) is crucial, then this is an important bit of kit which also gives you motivation through the miracle of music. The headphones instantly connect to your phone or device through Bluetooth and I've never known the connection to drop. Not even once, so you never have a break in readings (unlike some well-known products). This is important, as your readings need to be taken throughout your entire session to get an accurate representation over a certain period of time.

Why not use a watch or other heart rate monitor?

Consistency is the key to success and that is what you get with the Jabra Pulse, not something I can say for all of the products on the market I'm afraid. After using many different forms of trackers, I cannot hold them in the same regard and give my stamp of approval like I could with the Jabra's.

Connectivity and reliability are my main gripes with other brands and the speed of which the heart rate is read, cannot be trusted to give an accurate reading during real-time, unlike the Pulse Headphones. I always felt the other trackers were playing catch up and showed me my current heart rate, which can be detrimental towards tracking accuracy.

As for the sound, there are no complaints here! To be honest, I've tested many a headphone and apart from a couple of really expensive pairs of over-ear sets, they all pretty much sound the same, especially as they all come with interchangeable ear-buds to specifically fit your ear canal. The custom ear buds make sure they never leave your ears, even during your hardest of training sessions, something I cant say for over-ear headphones which I wouldn't recommend for vigorous training, unless you don't mind continuously adjusting them and saving them from slipping over your face during inappropriate times.

I have trained to a point where the Jabra's have left my ear but only when my head is placed in precarious positions, mainly through twisting movements. I can count these occasions on one hand though.

The battery also has a great life and has an easy charging capability with simple usb cable connectivity. This will save those long jogs back without music when your Bluetooth headphones unexpectedly run out of power.

All in all, I can't fault these headphones, even though one ear stopped working after 10 months but the brilliant customer service and instant replacement had me using a new set with in days. You cannot fault their willingness to make every customer happy, not only through great product efficiency but methodical assistance too.

I would say they are priced in the mid range section but with the release of new products, comes a reduction in price so keep your eyes peeled for a deal, below £80 would be a steel for the unrivalled product you are about to receive.

You might read this review and sense it has a biased feel, but I can assure you, this is all based through personal experiences during 1000's of hours of use. Although, maybe after this endorsement, I should be hired (wink, wink, Jabra).

But in all seriousness, these are a great bit of kit and will enhance your training, whilst sounding great at the same time.