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Meet Andrea

Meet Andrea

Goals are made to be achieved!

I would like to introduce Andrea. She is a great example of what can be achieved with the right mindset and determination to succeed.

12 weeks ago, she felt it was time to seek advice on her wayward nutrition habits in hope of eventually reaching a long-term goal of losing 28lbs (2 stone) in weight.

We broke the loss into manageable mini goals and Andrea has stuck to her set calorie targets and trained to a very level throughout.

This has allowed her to enjoy a normal life alongside creating the more defined body she wished for.

So, after 12 weeks of sensible eating and training 3 times per week with myself, Andrea has managed to reduce her weight by 24lbs and body-fat dramatically.

This was far beyond the timescale we first thought but with only 4 lbs until we reach her desired weight, it will be time to create a new goal to work towards.

Look at these pictures to see what can be achieved with the correct knowledge from me and the right work ethic from you.