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Planning for the aftermath

Planning for the aftermath

What happens after you've completed your goal?

We've all been there I'm sure, more cases more extreme than others but that period after we reach something we've worked towards and completed, then have to try and adjust back to normal life.

Whether it be a long over-due holiday which ends with the realisation you have to go back to work or maybe a sporting event you have trained for but now the event is over. What's next? What can we do to prevent ourselves falling into the black hole of despair and not knowing what our future holds.

My black hole opened up after I had completed preparing for and taking part in a fitness photo shoot at my gym.

Yes, I have been training for a long time now and yes, fitness is a lifestyle for me but there was something different about this goal.

I think it was the fact that I had booked a photographer and had a specific date to work towards, not knowing that the following months would lead me down a path of self-despair and questions towards my future in the fitness industry.

Looking back at the situation now, I would treat my recovery differently and ease myself into another mini goal, rather than trying to go back to normality so soon.

I can only speak for myself but by making little goals to aim towards, it keeps my mind focused towards positive wins, rather than the negativity that surrounds us.

A little goal like, increase my bench press or decrease my 5k running time would've given me something else to focus on, apart from my obvious increase in body-fat, as maintaining 6% isn't realistic nor healthy.

So next time you choose a goal, think long-term and plan for the aftermath, it could save your life.