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Quality sleep over quantity!

Quality sleep over quantity!

Quality sleep over quantity!

Sleep is seriously underrated as the importance of quality sleep plays a vital role in the repair of our hearts, blood vessels and release hormones crucial to muscle growth.

We seem to concentrate on our diets and exercise during regular health kicks but the main player in improved health and well-being still points towards quality sleep.

Without proper rest and recuperation, our bodies insulin resistance, appetite hormones and mental performance can be seriously affected.

Also, a study has proven that poor sleep has one of the highest risk factors for obesity. It showed that short sleep was linked to 89% increased risk of obesity in children, and 55% in adults.

Fitness Rush Tip

Try to create a maintainable sleep pattern consisting of same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. This can help regulate your body's clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night.