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Rest, repair, grow

Rest, repair, grow

The importance of rest periods

With my well overdue rest period quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to explain why rest is so important and unfortunately over-looked, leading to plateau's and lack of results.

Resting should be held in the same regard as training due to its involvement towards building strength, endurance, and muscle. In fact, weight training actually breaks down muscles causing microscopic tears. Rest periods allow your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue to rebuild and grow stronger, allowing you to progress towards reaching your goals and beyond. 

Imagine yourself as a high-performance car. You fuel it regularly (nutrition), drive it hard (train) but never turn off the engine (no rest). Eventually it will over heat and stop working.

Try parking the car, give it a wash, a clean, keep it warm, then watch it perform better afterwards.

For many, it is more difficult not to train than it is to do so but think of rest as a part of train and trust the process. 

Fitness Rush Tip

A 6 to 8 week training programme is usually enough to see some great changes on your body and an ideal time to take your well earned rest before returning a week or two later, stronger and more focused than ever.