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Six pack misconceptions

Six pack misconceptions

Discover the truth behind six pack abs


There is a misconception behind gaining six pack abs and turning fat into muscle to unveil what lies beneath.


Unfortunately, I will have to be the bearer of bad news and reveal the truth.


Although there is some truth behind the need to reduce fat to show your abdominals, that is as far as it goes. Fat has to be broken down instead of being substituted for another entity (namely muscle) and then muscle has to be built during the breakdown of fibres and subsequent repair through rest and proper nutrition. Just remember, fat cannot be turned into muscle, as they are two different commodities.

Nutrition also plays a crucial part towards gaining the mid-section you have been dreaming of. The results of calorie counting can determine the body-fat percentage you will need to reach your goal. Below 12% for males and 20% for females should start to reveal the goods.

Here are some truth's you need to know before starting your six-pack journey;


NO, you won't see them by doing 1000's of crunches a day.
NO, you can't chisel and change the shape of your abs. They are what they are.
NO, they won't magically appear over night after an hour on the treadmill.
YES, everybody has them.
YES, they are achievable.
YES, they really are made in the kitchen.
YES, your body fat % has to be low enough to show the contours of your abs.


A great starting point is to look at your nutrition to decrease body fat and with regular physical activity, you will not only see your abs but have a better overall well-being.