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Sunshine after the rain

Sunshine after the rain

There will always be a fall before the climb!

With mental health issues getting more publicity lately, I would like to share my view.

It is inevitable that life will be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I believe that if you learn from your lows, the highs will be so much more satisfying.

Imagine that life is a ditch and you are comfortable on one side of it.

Eventually it will be time to cross to the other side to discover new horizons but unfortunately there is no bridge. You begin to slide down into the ditch on your journey to pastures new and before you know it, you are at the depths of the unknown.

The bottom of this ditch (depression) can be a scary place and the thought of climbing up the steep incline of unfamiliarity is unthinkable.

It is too late to turn back, but the journey forward seems impossible and now it begins to rain. The walls of the ditch become slippery so every time you begin the slow crawl towards a new start, you slip down to rock bottom again.

It is hard to think positive when you can't see any way forward but always remember, it can't rain forever. So, take advantage of the situation.

When the mud is wet from the rain, use it to construct bricks and when the sun comes out, these bricks will form to become the building blocks you need to reach the summit and along with it, a more knowledgeable and experienced you.

Always remember that you are not the only one going through these dark times, so sharing experiences can help you have a clearer outlook and get some new perspective towards the way forward.


And there is always sunshine after the rain, so stay strong and carry on!