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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Fitness Rush Blog

Written and published with you in mind.


Before you are introduced into the wonderful world of Fitness through interesting blog posts and knowledgeable information, I would like to invite you to learn a little about Fitness Rush and its owner, me “Liam Rushmer”.

I originally entered the fitness industry through trading gym equipment, which gave me a good understanding of how the machines worked in relation to muscle contraction and usage. I eventually used my new-found knowledge to train individuals looking to make the same changes I had made, through my short fitness journey and subsequent body transformation. Taking myself from an unhealthy 17 stone, to a much healthier 13 stone, I found a certain formula which could fit into my busy lifestyle and am confident it is transferrable to everyone who has the right mind-set to succeed. Fast forward 10 years and I can now introduce Fitness Rush – the personal training gym, which has now progressed into providing online tailored plans, to help those who don’t have access to the studio and my services in person.

The plans have been carefully designed for you and are professionally tailored to suit your lifestyle and give you the best opportunity to surpass your fitness goals.

More information about any of our services can be found on our well-constructed website and will help guide you to more informed decisions towards your training.

The blog posts are also provided for you to enjoy and take some evidence-based ideas onboard to use in your current training or integrate into your lifestyle, to hopefully enhance your fitness and overall well-being.

Thank you for reading and I hope the following posts will benefit you in the way they have positively affected me and my clients.