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What, why, when???

What, why, when???

Three big questions towards starting anything new!

"What" is it you want to change and what will it take to get it done?
"Why" have you decided to make the change and is it important enough to see it through to the end?
"When" is this new change going to begin and are you ready to make it happen?


It is important to be clear about all 3 of these questions so you can be fully prepared for the journey ahead and limit impossible hurdles which may hinder you reaching your goal.

When tackling the "WHAT", try to focus on manageable targets which can be achieved successfully before moving on too much tougher goals that may seem unreachable initially.

So, for example; instead of starting a new diet, fitness plan, giving up alcohol and smoking all at one time, try picking one and start integrating the others after a certain time period of success. By trying to change too much at one time, you are setting yourself up to fail. Smaller goals are easier to complete and maintain, then before you know it, you've completed 4 mini goals and ultimately reached your overall target.

The "WHY" has to be for the right reasons. Ask yourself why are you making these changes? Have you looked in the mirror for the last time thinking, I don't recognize the person starring back at me or are everyday tasks becoming increasingly difficult due to a lack of fitness? These could be valid personal reasons to take back control of your well-being but if the idea was a seed sewn by a passing comment or constant reminders from family members that you're not as thin as you used to be, forget it!

The change has start when you're ready, not to please someone else. Your motivation simply won't be as positive, compared to if you have mentally prepared yourself for the journey ahead.

How to choose the "WHEN". Just like the "why", the change has to begin when you're mentally ready to begin.

It's all good saying you'll start next Monday but if you've already planned a night out on the town at the weekend, you're probably not in the right place.

If you're truly ready to start a fitness journey towards a new you, a good place to begin, would be to contact a fitness professional to plan a routine to follow. This way, you can plan your nights out around a balanced nutrition guide and regular fitness programme. Both of which will definitely help towards the new improved you.

The bottom line

Make sure you are making the change for you and nobody else. Be mentally prepared before you start any new journey and finally, give it your all. Don't look back and think to yourself "I could've done more". Crucially, you are the only one who can take responsibility for reaching your goals, even though there are professionals to point you in the right direction and keep you on track.