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These videos were designed with fitness beginners in mind. They show various exercises for individual body parts, allowing you to discover how your body works and increase your overall fitness before reaching the next level.

Back to Basics Arms Tutorial

We head back into the gym this week for our latest tutorial, where we concentrate on our arms - more specifically, the biceps and triceps.

Back to Basics Core Tutorial

We have all heard about the importance of stretching but there is always a confusion around what type of stretching to do and when. Here is a good example of some techniques to help you remember and also some core exercises.

Back to Basics Back Tutorial

Introducing number 3 in the series of the Back 2 Basics Tutorials Showing our top Back exercises for beginners, helping you progress to the next level...

Back to Basics Shoulders Tutorial

Here is number 4 in the series of the Back 2 Basics Tutorials, showing you our top Shoulder exercises for beginners We aim to help you progress quickly onto becoming a fitter and healthier you...

Back to Basics Leg Tutorial

Introducing the first in the series of the Fitness Rush Back 2 Basics Tutorial videos, where we aim to ease you on to your fitness journey to success...

Back to Basics Chest Tutorial

The next instalment of the Fitness Rush Back 2 Basics Tutorials concentrates on the Chest muscles and is ideal for beginners to fitness...

Back to Basics Home Tutorial

Let's get out of the gym this week and look at a workout to do in the comfort of your own home without the need of weights.