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Do you ever feel stuck during your Fitness Journey and need some advice to keep you on track? Well we have compiled numerous videos to answer all your questions and keep your driving towards your goals.


Finding & Keeping Motivation

Motivation can be the toughest thing to find but keeping it can be tougher. Find out how I stay motivated and my tips towards getting your fitness journey started.

One Bad Meal

Do you ever feel guilty after falling off the wagon and regret eating that takeaway or favourite dessert? Well in this video, I explain that the bad meal you've just eaten, might not be so bad.

Are You Eating Enough?

In this video, I explain how much food you should be eating daily for your goals and the importance of eating enough nutritious food to maximise your results.

How to Use Your Calories

Have you ever wondered how many calories you use during your training sessions? Your smart watch might tell you one thing and your fitness app another.

Maximise Your Training!

Are you getting the most out of your training sessions and maximising your Fitness results? Find out my tips towards making the tweaks which will benefit you and your goals.

Turning Fat into Muscle

Have you ever heard the saying "turn fat into muscle" and wondered if it was possible? Then this is the video for you. Today I talk about the myth behind turning one body tissue into another.

Are You Breathing?

Do you forget to breathe when working out? In this video, I explain the best way to remember how to breathe efficiently and boost your training performance as a result.

Are You Hurting?

Are you wondering why the first few times you trained, you could hardly move you're body but now you feel like you haven't worked out at all? In this video, I discuss why this might be happening.