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At Fitness Rush we feel everybody should get the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. So, we made it simple, affordable & enjoyable for everyone to surpass their personal fitness goals. No matter whether you're a beginner or professional athlete, young or old, we'll make it happen. We have listened to our clients and dedicated the gym to them. If you choose Fitness Rush, you will enjoy your training sessions without others watching and concentrate on gaining those all important results.

Why Choose us

  • The gym has been designed with you in mind, combining cardio, resistance and functional equipment within a comfortable and friendly training atmosphere
  • Low prices - our prices have been kept low and are conveniently managed online
  • High quality gym - the gym has been designed and stocked to the highest standard with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Built for you – with our separate cardio room, large free weights area and plenty of specialised equipment, you'll find everything you need
  • Tailored to you – reach further with our tailored personal training sessions or plans
  • Online – everything can be found on our website, including tips, motivation and information, all at the touch of a button on your phone, tablet or computer
  • One-to-one, couple or group personal training sessions available
  • Exclusive One-to-One training with a professional trainer

Personal Training Room Equipment


The DUAL ADJUSTABLE PULLEY functional trainer cable crossover is one of the most versatile machines in the gym. The Dual Adjustable Pulley has two adjustable pulleys to accommodate an infinite number of exercises. By adjusting a lever, each weight stack can be configured to allow either 2.5kg or 5kg resistance providing easier progressions. The space between pulleys easily accommodates most benches and wheelchairs.


The LEG EXTENSION is a machine was originally designed for rehabilitation of the knee and is now used to further develop the Quadricep muscles which are found on the front of the leg above the knee. The user is seated with their legs bent just past 90° and comfortably rested behind the adjustable lower leg pad. A weight is then selected and the exercise can be performed. The bottom pad is pushed up with the lower part of the shin and then controlled down.


The SEATED LEG CURL is another isolation machine designed to target the Hamstrings located on the back of the leg just above the crease of the knee. After entering the machine by sliding the legs over the top pad and under the bottom the user can make the appropriate adjustments to make the exercise as comfortable as possible. The pad is then powered down and controlled back up to complete a repetition. 


The SEATED ROW is part of the Cybex Dual line, which uses multi-function mechanisms to get multiple exercises in one machine to save valuable studio space. This machine boasts a moveable arm that enables the row handles to be positioned in any one of nine available positions from a seated row all the way through to a lat pulldown. This allows the user to target more muscles on a single machine. It also has individual grips that allow for independent arm exercises. In addition, the leg support can be adjusted to the user’s height to provide stabilization in the higher row motions, while the foot bar provides stability during lower row movements.


The CHEST PRESS provides a dependent motion which gives added security to beginners. By both arms working together through a fixed plane, the exercise feels more controlled and comfortable, while the movement feels more secure. This machine mimics the natural line of the human arm movement, which is forward and rounded instead of straight ahead. It also provides a more complete range of motion with constant tension at the shoulder, as the design can guarantee that the pre-set range of motion is never exceeded and the machine is perfectly adapted to the user.


The SHOULDER OR OVERHEAD PRESS is great for novice as well the more experienced users. It offers more stability through a more dependent movement. As both arms work together in a fixed manner, the shoulder press exercise feels more secure and controlled. This machine also provides a very natural line of motion which provides extra comfort during use, which gives a great starting point for beginners who aren’t quite ready for the independence of free weights. It is however a great starting point to build strength in the necessary areas and progress to more advanced exercises in the future. Another great feature is choice between a neutral grip to target the front of the shoulder along with a pronated grip for targeting the rear muscles. The grips have also been thoughtfully angled to provide a neutral wrist position providing increased comfort when lifting.


The LAT PULL DOWN gives a traditional pulldown movement that helps isolate the latissimus dorsi muscle which is the largest muscle in the back. The pulley system has been designed to encourage correct posture for the lat pulldown movement by positioning the attachments directly above the user for direct line movement. The thigh pad accommodates different leg lengths and is fully adjustable. This ensures that the user can remain seated even when lifting heavier weights. The 100kg (220lbs) weight stack provides very challenging workouts but is also ideal for beginners with moderate weights available.


The CHIN AND DIP ASSIST combines two of the most beneficial bodyweight exercises into a machine which provides assistance through a counter-balance system, allowing the user to increase the range of motion and maximise their results. The machine has been designed so the user can stand in an upright position, allowing them to maintain better posture. The weight stack has been generously proportioned and starts at 40lbs to mimic bodyweight movements. It also provides assistance up to 340lbs, so it works well for novices and professionals alike.


The HORIZONTAL LEG PRESS is the perfect machine to target multiple leg muscles whilst providing stability through its guided mechanism. The three seat positions allow the user to comfortably complete the exercise with comfort and limit stress on the lower back. There are also two-foot plates for the user choose between targeting either the quadriceps or hamstrings and glutes in increased isolation movements. With a weight stack increasing in 10kg increments from 10-260kg, there is a great mix in power and endurance exercises, great for an array of users.

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