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Gym, Training & Nutrition Plans

We understand that everyone likes simple, so that's exactly how our prices work. With NO contracts and NO joining fees, the only thing left to do is train. Let us do what we do best and turn your expectations into reality. With the benefits of professional training and tailored planning, we know you'll surpass your fitness goals.


- Liam Rushmer -

Personal Training Prices

Single Sessions

Single Session

  • 1 Personal Training Session, Total Investment £45.00
  • Usage Timeframe: 1 Day*

5 PT Sessions

Per Session

  • 5 Personal Training Sessions, Total Investment £200.00
  • Usage Timeframe: 6 Weeks*

10 PT Sessions

Per Session

  • 10 Personal Training Sessions, Total Investment £375.00
  • Usage Timeframe: 8 Weeks*

15 PT Sessions

per session

  • 15 Personal Training Sessions, Total Investment £525.00
  • Usage Timeframe: 12 Weeks*

Additional Services & Options

Joint PT Sessions

Single Session

  • 1 Joint Personal Training Session, Train with a familiar face.
  • 1 Hour Session including Stretching, Strength and Cardio

Nutritional Guide

Per Plan

  • 1 Tailored Nutrition Guide, Creating a healthier you.
  • Usage Timeframe: 6 Week Duration

Training Programme

Per Plan

  • 1 Custom Training Programme, Specific planning for your goals.
  • Usage Timeframe: 6 Week Duration


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All services are available as gift certificates and would make the perfect present for anyone who enjoys fitness or is looking to become more active. Please ask for further details.

We require a minimum of 24 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation for Personal Training sessions. This can be made via phone, email or contact form. An acknowledgement of your cancellation will be sent to you. If you do not provide the minimum notice, you will lose the session in question and any prepaid fees will not be refunded.

*Sessions must be used within the usage timeframe shown above or they maybe forfeited

Please choose your appropriate service or plan by clicking the appropriate commit to be fit button. You will then be directed to the GoCardless payment form, which will be your entry to a better you. Once we have received your payment, you will then be contacted and directed towards the beginning of your new fitness journey.

Although it states Direct Debit, only a single payment will be taken per transaction.