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Can't make it to us, then we'll bring it to you! We understand that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the ever increasing need to train at various times of the day, we have decided to create a plan specifically designed to fit into your lifestyle and tailor it to your needs. Each plan is created personally by Liam Rushmer and is bespoke for each individual.

You will receive regular reviews to keep you on track and ensure the customised plans match your constantly changing body. Not to mention the unlimited email support from Liam himself.


- Liam Rushmer -

Gain knowledge while you train with the added bonus of in-depth explanations and easy to read programmes, accessible on your smart devices wherever you may be. 

Profit from our purposefully designed layouts which provide helpful information whilst guiding you through your journey towards your goals and beyond.

Each and every programme is built using your questionnaire as a guideline, which helps us maintain our promise that everything is customised to you, allowing for maximal results.

Not only will you receive your fully tailored training and nutrition plans but all of the following too.


Take advantage of what's on offer


Discover how our online training will positively affect your body.

Your Programme

This is an in-depth explanation in to your programme, giving you the best chance to reach your potential.

Exercise Tempos

Understand the speed of the exercises you will be completing to best maximise your results.

Cardiovascular Training

This will help ensure that you are using cardio training at the correct times to expand your fat burning capabilities.

Heart Rate Zones Explained

Realise how to use heart rate zones to maximise fat break down and increase overall fitness.

Beneficial Stretches

Learn how to get loose and prevent unwanted injuries by using stretches effectively.

Online Personal Training Plans


Take advantage of this entry into the world of fitness and begin to unearth the new you. Start as you mean to go on.

  • 6 week bespoke training programme
    Customised meal plan
    Unlimited email support
    Everything you need to get started
  • Payment Via: Online Transaction


Delve a little further into your fitness journey and watch the transformation happen in front of your eyes.

  • 12 week bespoke training programme
    Customised meal plans 
    Unlimited email support
    Regular reviews
  • Payment Via: Online Transaction


Understand how to maintain the new you and enjoy the fruits of your labour with our monthly subscription.

  • Regular updated training programmes
    Bespoke changeable nutrition plans
    Unlimited email support
    Monthly reviews
  • Payment Via: Online Transaction

Online Training Questionnaire

Once you have chosen your ideal online training plan, please fill out the questionnaire below so we can be sure to tailor your programme specifically for you.


Any programs bought are purely advisory, and that if in doubt you should always consult a doctor before taking part in the services sold by Fitness Rush, this includes about any allergies or conditions that may affect your results or health. We would advise any person with existing medical conditions to not take part in any services sold here without prior consent from their doctor.

Fitness Rush, affiliates or associates do not take or assume any liability for any resulting issues arising from the use of any programs sold, including issues relating to physical activities and nutrition. All programs purchased are purely advisory, and professional medical advice should be sought before taking part in the any services undertaken. This includes advice concerning any allergies or conditions that may affect your health through partaking in physical exercise or changes in diet. We would advise any person with existing medical conditions not to take part in any services without prior consent from their doctor.

No guarantees can be made towards transformation results, weight loss, muscle gain or any other type of fitness goal you are looking to achieve or is provided by us. Although we trust our methods work for the majority of our clients, some things are out of our control. No refund requests will be considered on workout and/or nutrition programs. All participants must be 16 years old or over at the time of purchase. By completing our online questionnaire, you waive the right to pursue legal action in the event of product misuse.


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