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AMANDA - Postnatal Fitness

"I thought I would never see my pre-natal body again until Liam showed me it was possible through balanced nutrition and increased exercise."

AMANDA - Postnatal Fitness
AMANDA - Postnatal Fitness
AMANDA - Postnatal Fitness

Client : Amanda

Goal : Post-Natal Fitness

Training Format : Online Training Programme

Categories : Fat Loss, Health & Nutrition, Weight Loss

9 months can seem like a lifetime, not to mention the sleepless nights to follow but who can deny that bringing a child into the world is well worth it all.

Not only does a new born change your life forever but it also makes changes to your body, which for some can be difficult to manage.

Postnatal fitness training can be difficult to begin due to typical pregnancy issues, including breast feeding and accompanying problems but I'm here to show you it can be done. Even through the most difficult circumstances.

I worked closely with my Wife Amanda, 2 months after the birth of our precious one and the short-term results were amazing.

We introduced a balanced nutrition plan alongside 3 days of home bodyweight training with 45 mins of pushchair walking in between.

As Amanda was breastfeeding, it allowed her to consume extra calories which not only fuelled her body for training but provide efficient nutrition to our baby girl too.

Obvious baby related obstacles stood in the way of completing every session but by introducing healthy foods and increasing basic exercise, the results started to show.

The pictures reveal 3 weeks since we made these changes and as you can see, the results are incredible.


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