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CAROL - Lifestyle Change

"Liam taught me that fitness isn't just about exercise and showed me how balanced nutrition and a healthier lifestyle play a vital role in maintaining an increase in overall wellbeing."

CAROL - Lifestyle Change
CAROL - Lifestyle Change
CAROL - Lifestyle Change

Client : Carol

Goal : Lifestyle Change

Training Format : Online Training Programme

Categories : Fat Loss, Health & Nutrition, Weight Loss

After trying fad diets and numerous fitness routines, Carol found it necessary to contact Fitness Rush and immediately started training twice a week at home under Liam's Guidance.

Carol purchased one of our popular 6 week online training plans, which laid out her exercise, nutrition and important lifestyle changes in an easy to read format on her smart phone. She managed to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks and fit into the clothes she had ready to part with after not fitting for years, all from the comfort of her home.

She chose the home exercise programme which meant no gym was needed. The main goal for Carol was to not only decrease her body fat and improve her lifestyle so she can maintain her new body shape over a longer period of time after yo-yo dieting for years.

We have worked together to implement these changes and I am happy to say, Carol has maintained her weight loss and continued with her new healthier lifestyle.




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