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LEWIS - Increase Muscular Definition

"After training for years before, I didn't think my body could change the way I wanted it to but Liam proved me wrong. I am now loving my new body and new training mentality."

LEWIS - Increase Muscular Definition
LEWIS - Increase Muscular Definition
LEWIS - Increase Muscular Definition

Client : Lewis

Goal : Increase Muscular Definition

Training Format : One-to-One Personal Training

Categories : Health & Nutrition, Hypertrophy, Muscular Definition

Not only did Lewis change his body but he also changed his mindset after training himself for years previous. He always found it easy to gain size, but fat loss seemed to be out of reach, until we changed the way he saw food and used it to supplement his training, instead of him not eating throughout the day and overeating later in the evening. Once his nutrition changed, so did his body.

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