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LIAM - Zero to Hero

"A goal is easy to set but it takes hard work to achieve it."

LIAM - Zero to Hero
LIAM - Zero to Hero
LIAM - Zero to Hero

Client : Liam

Goal : Zero to Hero

Training Format : Self-Taught

Categories : Fat Loss, Health & Nutrition, Muscular Definition, Weight Loss

I have found that fitness isn't an overnight thing. It takes time to achieve long-term goals and realise the results you have worked so hard to see.

Once upon a time, I loved to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, eat everything in sight and run in the opposite direction of a gym but fast-forward ten years with a near death experience in between and I have proven that 17 stones on a weighing scale doesn’t have to be the point of no return.

With the right mindset and willpower, anything is possible. I like to think that after completing the journey I have made, will give you trust that I have the experience to change your life in the same way. 

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