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SHERYL - Decrease Body-Fat%

"Being a female in a gym environment can be daunting but Liam made me feel at ease and helped me reach my goals well within my time scale."

SHERYL - Decrease Body-Fat%
SHERYL - Decrease Body-Fat%
SHERYL - Decrease Body-Fat%

Client : Sheryl

Goal : Decrease Body-Fat Percentage

Training Format : One-to-One Personal Training

Categories : Fat Loss, Health & Nutrition, Weight Loss

Training with Sheryl is always a pleasure due to her willingness to learn and succeed. It took a little while to integrate a nutrition plan into her hectic work schedule but once she found a work/life balance, the results began to show.

Reducing her body fat from 38% to an incredible 26% in 12 weeks, it really shows that a mix of hard work, exercise and nutrition can really make serious positive changes.

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