C3 Church – Cambridge Community Wellness

 Welcome to Community Wellness with the C3 Church in Cambridge

Join your local community and build bonds with our award-winning personal training and group fitness sessions.

At The C3 Church they are committed to their mission of reaching and shaping a generation with the message and cause of Christ.

The C3 Church Wellness Initiatives

Our community wellness initiatives provide private fitness training and creates a mobile hub where local people and community groups can meet, exercise and benefit from specialised training in a safe and friendly environment. We host a wide range of services, activities and events for everyone involved.

With help from our community partners, we are able to deliver complimentary exercise, fitness qualifications and other well-being solutions which aid individuals find their true identity and begin to find themselves again.

We work closely with local community groups, councils, charities and organisations, helping us all to grow and thrive together.

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.For more information or to get started on your new health and fitness journey with Fitness Rush, call Liam on 01487 208150 or use our online contact form to get in touch about our services…