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Fitness Rush Story So Far...

Fitness Rush was created by owner and founder Liam Rushmer. He began the journey more than 10 years ago from his parents garage where he learned the art of bodybuilding through nutrition and exercise. Between training family and friends to build upon his knowledge and trading gym equipment, the first business named Just in gyms was born.

After 2 years of training, the current home of the gym was acquired for the expansion of Just in gyms which succeeded for a further 2 years before the decision was made to share the benefits of the expansive range of equipment within the local community.

Now after 2 ½ years, 250 members walking through the doors and millions of kg’s lifted, Liam made the decision to make the gym widely available for members and personal training clients alike. He combined his love for fitness and his surname “Rushmer” to create Fitness Rush, a new breed of gym.

Away from the heavy banging of mainstream gyms, Liam prides the gym on its friendly but focused training atmosphere and is proud to see the transformations that occur from the gym he worked so hard to build.

Fitness Rush Expertise and Values


Our mission is to encourage all individuals to begin, enjoy and benefit from Fitness. Exercise should be used as a tool to increase physical attributes as well as our mental state. We focus on using our exclusive personal training facilities to maximise our clients results whilst making them feel relaxed and comfortable in their environment. 

You Come First: We’re under no illusion that the gym wouldn’t be what it is today without the support from the clients, members and colleagues, so your wellbeing and success is at the forefront of our priorities.

We Go Further: We understand your time is precious and cannot always find time to visit us. That’s why we have put resources in place so you are never further than a click away from your answers. Whether it be concerning nutrition, training or anything else, you can ask us.

Honesty is our Policy: Be under no illusion that reaching your goals will be easy. We have found the best way to encourage you to the finish line is being brutally honest with you about your progress but with your best interests at heart. We push you further and the positive results will speak for themselves.

Only the Best: We have handpicked a team of specialist professionals who can take you further. Whether it be special dietary needs, specific training goals or just a caring motivator, we have you covered. Trust us to do more and take you further than ever before.


If I had to describe fitness in one word, it would be life. However, this wasn’t always the case after all, I am human. After living my early twenties in a live for today fashion, I found myself in a world of despair which wasn’t helped by my unhealthy ways and thrivelous lifestyle, eating and drinking what and when I wanted. It was going to take something dramatic and that unfortunately came in the shape of a 44-tonne lorry. I was hit at speed whilst I was stationary at the side of the road. This near-death experience was the exact wakeup call I needed. 

Shortly after, during my rehabilitation I was introduced to light weight training to build up strength in my weakened muscles. This brought back memories of my late teen years and the hours spent in the local gym with friends. The rest as they say is history. I then proceeded to purchase a set of weights and slowly took over my parent’s garage with vital pieces of training equipment. As my new home gym grew, so did my passion for fitness. With the change of older equipment came the purchase of more up to date exercise machines and the start of my gym equipment sales business.

After selling smaller items from home, I acquired a barn at a local farm which quickly became 3 storage containers with the growth of the company. From the farm, I moved to the current home of the gym which was my show room and storage facility. The business was thriving and so was my enthusiasm for the industry, but I wanted more, I wanted to reach people on a personal level, not just through the sale of fitness equipment. And then the gym was born.

I swiftly completed my personal training qualifications and proceeded to transform my drab storage unit into something I am proud to call a friendly local gym today. There have been positive changes along the way and these will continue to happen, all in the best interests of my clientele.


I believe everyone’s values and priorities are different in life, but everyone deserves the same level of respect you expect yourself. Something which has always stayed with from my early training days is the expression, ‘Winner’s never quit, quitters never win`. I believe anything is possible with the right mind set, but it’s impossible if you quit. So, the only thing to do is ‘don’t quit`. Sometimes it might feel like the mountain is too high or the journey is too long but with a positive mental attitude, self-belief and lots of willpower, our furthest goals are with in touching distance. With my values in mind, I feel it necessary to install these into the gym and encourage my clients towards this positive way of thinking. This helps drive individuals further coupled with our cutting-edge training systems.

Important Values Geared Towards Winning:

Willpower - is the ability to control our thoughts and the way we behave. With an increase in self-control, it is much easier to eat healthily, exercise regularly and achieve our most challenging goals.

Inspiration - fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The more I am in inspired, the more I want to inspire others.

Nurture - the care and attention given to someone or something that is growing or developing. Through development, we grow and become more advanced.

Nutrition - Your body needs nutrients to survive and stay healthy. This is the starting point of any fitness program and the key to well-being.

Efficacy (Self) - is the extent or strength of one's belief in one's own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. Those who have a strong belief in their capabilities exert greater effort when they fail to master the challenge.

Respect - a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. I consider each person to be of equal worth to myself.


- Liam Rushmer -



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