Fitness Rush Mobile

It’s time to go Mobile!

After years of changing individuals lives through increased fitness and lifestyle changes, we discovered that not everyone could make it to us, so we’ve decided to bring the gym to the community.

With this in mind, we began to develop a mobile facility designed to give our clients the gym feel at the comfort of their home or workplace.

Our fully equipped state-of-the-art customised van has been formulated over years of design work and is now ready to take to the road with the Fitness Rush seal of approval.

We also battle the elements with a fully heated and air-conditioned facility, ensuring your comfort and overall performance is of upmost importance.

The Fitness Rush team will take their knowledge and experience gained from our exclusive facility and bring our services to you, not only saving you time but giving you the privacy you deserve when being personally trained.

Feel safe in the knowledge that we have considered the post Covid world and created a clean environment away from the other individuals you may encounter in a member’s gym.

This is your opportunity to increase your fitness and wellbeing without having to venture out into the unknown situations we now must face.

World’s First

After years of experience in the fitness industry, the Fitness Rush team have teamed up with award winning fabricators to design the very best in what fitness and automotive innovation have to offer.

From built-in self-powered cardiovascular machines to patent protected space saving strength training equipment, we have left nothing to chance in our ambition to create the world’s first fully functional mobile Personal Training facility which is fully customisable depending on the clients’ needs and goals.

ITV News Interview with Liam Rushmer

Personal trainer takes his gym on the road to help physical and mental health

The Concept

To create the first ever integrated fitness facility on wheels. Using our knowledge and experience working with individuals in a private setting, our vision was clear – to provide a fully functioning state-of-the-art mobile gym which delivers professional personal training services directly to consumers, businesses and communities. 

The Design

Every aspect of the mobile facility was carefully chosen to utilise space, weight and comfort. From the luxurious equipment to important finishing touches, the design considered all factors without comprising the overall look and feel of this world’s first innovation. Using his background in the fitness industry, Liam hand crafted the layout, alongside every single detail which makes this a jaw dropping experience every time you step inside.

The Fabrication

Without a special team of fabricators, a design is just an idea. A group of technically minded individuals at Masters Exhibitions understood the concept and executed the project to the highest standards and beyond. Built from the ground up, this fitness facility truly is the first of its kind in the world. The importance of finding the correct team was crucial and the execution of this projects speaks for itself.

The Final Product

With the finished product on the road, the true potential can begin to unfold and provide wellness solutions to individuals, families and communities.The simple idea of a gym van has been considered, developed and delivered to an unbelievable level, which has undoubtedly made this new concept a true innovation in the forever expanding health and wellness industry.

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