Fitness Rush Corporate Wellness

Here at Fitness Rush, we understand the importance of a physically and mentally strong workforce.

Why should your organisation be any different?

After all, our employees are the backbone of the business and the key to positive progression.

We provide tailored wellness support from our private facility and mobile solution, ensuring individuals stay healthy and focused on their important job roles.

Whether it’s through one-to-one, partner, group training or our wellness workshops, we have developed the perfect product to help educate and develop our corporate counterparts.

Discover our principles towards ultimate well-being and benefit from our wealth of knowledge surrounding development of individuals in private and professional industries.

By learning the skills needed to improve performance, boost mood and increase mental & physical strength, you will elevate productivity, decrease absenteeism and build stronger bonds within the team.

Our experience in the wellness space teaches us that no one person is the same. This encouraged us to develop specialised tailored programming and tutoring to ensure individuals are reaching their full potential both personally and professionally. Trained professionals will use techniques to remove negative emotions from past events, remove limiting beliefs and decisions we have made about ourselves, and align individuals at the unconscious level towards their goal. The end result is a supercharged individual with no fear, 100% confidence, and the ability to go out and achieve whatever they desire.

We pride ourselves on working with and listening to our clients ensuring our services aren’t a one size fits all offering. We understand that everyone has different needs, so tailor our programming specifically to the individual. 

Professional Training

Our private facility in Old Hurst houses our advanced fitness centre, alongside physiotherapy and counselling suites. This allows us to provide a wide range of holistic therapies, producing enhanced results in realistic time frames.

We offer multiple block booking options with special B2B rates to help facilitate great value in your investment with us.

Delivering Fitness 

Past experience tells us that time restraints can become the number one barrier for completing exercise. For this reason, we created our very own state-of-the-art mobile fitness facility which offers convenient training at your chosen location. Delivering both value for time and money.

Save precious work time by allowing us to visit your company and deliver tailored personal training at your preferred times and days.

Wellness Platform

Our leading clinically validated health engagement platform has been developed over 10 years of real-world experience and insight which can be tailored to support your organisational objectives, creating long-term relationships between you and your employees through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive behaviour change.

  • Build a company culture centred around wellbeing
  • Increase employee health, motivation and happiness
  • Gain meaningful data insights to inform your company wellbeing strategy


Our seminars have been created to deliver our 6 main principles towards a better well-being; Lifestyle, Exercise, Mindfulness, Observation, Nutrition and Social Awareness, to help increase employees physical and mental health, productivity and overall well-being in order to help them enjoy a better work/life balance and ultimate job satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unrivalled wellness solutions and work closely with our partners to ensure they receive the best possible service at an affordable price. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can integrate our training seamlessly into your organisation with no disruption, just important positive outcomes. 

Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness. By measuring emotional energy, they help overcome personal and career development issues, support managers and teams to achieve greater productivity, and strategically can turbo-charge organisational progress.

How Motivational Maps can help businesses

1) Improve team performance

2) Reduce stress and sickness and enhance well-being

3) Improve staff retention

4) Recruit the best candidate for every position

5) Leverage team performance and address motivational issues with team members

6) Impact sales, engagement and culture

7) Provide a common language through which everyone can understand what they want and align with team and company objectives

8) Give management an overview of what is really going on with their employee

9) Provide a cost-effective change management tool that actually maps the changes of the whole staff

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