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Our holistic wellness practices strive to realign a individual’s minds, body’s, environment, and spirit to unearth the true them.

Optimal health and holistic wellness solutions

Holistic wellness has become a worldwide phenomenon as more and more people strive toward balanced wellness, self-care, intentionality, and living a better life.

Generally, holistic wellness is about striving for being well in a way that utilises every part of an individual’s life, including the body & mind, emotional wellness, mental health, spiritual wellbeing, social and overall wellness.

It helps us connect with the wholeness of our soul, body and mind. So, rather than just focusing on symptoms or specific issues, holistic wellness involves how every aspect of a person can begin to influence their overall wellness, including their personal and professional relationships.

Holistic care looks at many factors in order to design a whole person approach that can improve a person’s whole life, in an expansive sense as well as down to the tiny details. If you were to go to a holistic wellness center, they would focus on a number of key factors, that would take into account a person’s:




Spiritual healing

Mental health

Social health


Physical activity


Mental state

Physical fitness

Financial health

Environmental factors

Emotional health


The Fitness Rush mission encompasses all of the above and more as we continually develop our solutions by working closely with those who inspire us the most – our clients, friends and you.

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