Fitness Rush Identity

Fitness Rush Identity is dedicated to unearthing individuals true identities and answering the one question we should all have the confidence to answer freely – I AM

As a culture, our circumstances are usually dictated by our current situation, but to understand we are only one life changing event away from a completely different path is a terrifying thought.

Our mission for finding individuals passions and hopes are fuelled by the stories we learn everyday from our service users. 

No matter if they are homeless, disabled, elderly, out of work, or simply lost in their life, we use relatable experiences to encourage participants to engage, learn and develop their skills, enabling them to create new career paths, opportunities and happy memories. 

Unearthing Identities

We provide tailored personal training from our state-of-the-art mobile facility, fitness qualifications leading to career possibilities, cv writing, interview techniques and the chance to identify individuals by accompanying them on shopping trips to choose their own clothing to give self-worth and confidence back during uncertain times.

Continued collaborations with our funding partners and associates allows us to fully fund our initiatives, giving our service users the opportunity to enjoy, benefit and progress with our interventions.

Current projects allow us to work with….



War Veterans

Job Seekers

Women’s refuge’s

Community Hubs

Elderly Populations

Church Groups

Partner with us

If your organisation is committed to changing lives through community initiatives and feel our services would compliment your work, we would love to hear from you.

We believe that wholesome collaborations can make the difference between changing a few or changing the world for the better.

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For more information or to collaborate with Fitness Rush, call us on 01487 208150 or use our online contact form to get in touch about our services…