Fitness Rush Interactive

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the leading developer in the interactive fitness training industry. 

Use Kemtai’s real-time feedback and form correcting technology as your trusted Fitness Rush trainers take you through a whole host of programmes to ensure you keep in tip top condition wherever you may be. 

Kemtai is an adaptive professional exercise platform allowing our clients to increase their physical and mental development at a time that suits them. It has proved a helpful addition to our private personal training sessions and continues to allow client access to our trainers knowledge with confidence and affordability. 

Proprietary human motion detection engine using advanced computer vision and AI

Software platform, turning any device into a digital trainer or therapist

Versatile Pilates, HIIT, strength, cardio, flexibility and physical therapy

Train with a personal AI-trainer, as if they were right there with you…

• AI Trainer guides you through your workout

• Provides immediate corrective feedback and score

• Adapts in real-time to your performance

• Software only, no special device required

• Exercise and workouts

• Hundreds of different exercises and workouts

• Auto-generated studio workouts 

 (HIIT/Pilates – Beginner/Advanced) 

• Endless exercise variations via Workout Wizard

Unique Benefits

Pro in-house trainers

External trainers from US, EU, Asia and LATAM

Brand/Team trainers

Featuring Fitness Rush Founder – Liam Rushmer

Increase workout accuracy and effectiveness

Helps avoid injuries

Creates a more engaging workout, at home

Contact us today and let's get started

.For more information or to get started on your new health and fitness journey with Fitness Rush, call Liam on 01487 208150 or use our online contact form to get in touch about our services…