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Our Mobile fitness facility offers on-site personal training to towns, villages and commercial spaces

We have worked hard to create strong partnerships with local developers to ensure their new tenants have a place to exercise and benefit from professional fitness training on their doorstep.

Simply choose your preferred location below and book in with your ideal service and time.


This new township is a thriving community, supported by key facilities, services and amenities, set in dynamic and attractive spaces.

Critically, the new community is supported by public transport, safe links to the station and cycle path/footway connections to get around the place and connect to neighbouring Loves Farm and St Neots.

Wintringham has been designed with spaces and places where people can meet up and play an active role in their new community.

A new partnership has been created to undertake tailored wellness solutions to the Wintringham community with the aim of building relationships, resilience and sustainability.

Fitness Rush Mobile will be attending specific areas to deliver one-to-one and group exercise in their state-of-the-art fitness facility.

Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus combines world-class biomedical research, patient care and education on a single site. Now undergoing a major expansion that includes the co-location of companies alongside the existing 17,500-strong community of healthcare professionals and research scientists, the Campus is on track to becoming one of the leading biomedical centres in the world by 2020.

As the largest employment site in Cambridge – encompassing renowned and much-loved hospitals – we are focused on ensuring patients benefit from the campus’ world-leading research. The international nature of the collaborations cut across traditional boundaries to allow us to work together on care, research and training. Our success is based on everyone’s willingness to unite to exert a powerful global influence as the Campus attracts world-class companies, investment and talent to Cambridge with the aim of improving healthcare and knowledge.

Now all residents and on-site employees can book one-to-one, partner or group sessions to access professional personal training from our state-of-the-art fitness facility.

Ferry Project Wisbech

Ferry Project is a homelessness charity based In Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. They provide accommodation and support to single homeless people wherever they are from.

The emergency night shelter provides up to fifty bed spaces in Wisbech and engage with over three hundred clients per year.

They provide more than just a place to sleep. The extra support given changes lives, and helps individuals find a future where the streets is not an option.

The doors are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, helping homeless people move forward with their lives while providing them with a safe and supportive place to live.

Individuals are offered support including assistance with claiming benefits, accommodation, training and education, searching for employment, and help with any drug and alcohol issues.

With the new collaboration involving Fitness Rush Mobile, homeless and deprived individuals are now offered tailored exercise and fitness qualifications to aid them on their positive path.

Cambridge Community Wellness

Modern Cambridge has been described as “perhaps the only true university town in England.” University and college buildings provide nearly all the outstanding architectural features. The beauty of the city is enhanced by many commons and other open spaces, including Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, Sheep’s Green, Lammas Land, Christ’s Pieces, Parker’s Piece, the University Botanic Gardens, and the Backs. 

Now it has the pleasure of welcoming the future of fitness to the city. Fitness Rush and its state-of-the-art mobile wellness facility will be providing community wellness initiatives to all areas of the city. 

From private personal training to sustainable lifestyle advice and everything in between, our fully funded initiatives are sure offer something to everyone, no matter their age or ability.  

C3 Church Cambridge

At The C3 Church the community are committed to their mission of reaching and shaping a generation with the message and cause of Christ.

With help from our community partners, Fitness Rush are able to deliver complimentary exercise, fitness qualifications and other well-being solutions which aid individuals find their true identity and begin to find themselves again.

We work closely with local community groups, councils, charities and organisations, helping us all to grow and thrive together.

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